Top 3 Retirement Plan Options to Lead a Comfortable Life

You need to plan for your retirement early in your life. But it is not wise to stick to a single plan. You should have several options. Here are the best retirement plans you can choose to live comfortably for the rest of your life.


maxresdefault1234589It is the easiest retirement plan you can have. Here the employer contributes all the money, and your fund is managed professionally. You only need to stay on the job for a long time to qualify for the pension. After you retire, you can collect the pension money. However, this option is mostly available to government workers. There has been some dissatisfaction with the pension schemes offered by companies. They don’t offer a cost-of-living adjustment. So, the monthly amount you get from your pension is same even after 10 years. So, you need to have other sources of fund.

Guaranteed income annuities

money105It is an insurance product that lets you invest today and get a guaranteed income when you retire. You can get it as monthly, quarterly, annually or as a one-time payment. Before investing in annuities, you must make sure that you can rely on the company. If you fall into the wrong hands, you may end up losing the money you invested.




Real estate

14552602478_299ab9b5ab_bIt is a great income-producing option. It is better to buy the property without any loan. There is some risk associated with this plan, but it is an option you cannot ignore.

If you consult a financial advisor, he or she can tell you about all the options you have for your retirement. You can learn about them and decide which one you want to go for.

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